Mr.Reaper’s “Options” is a powerful collaboration with hip-hop heavyweight Wiz Khalifa that showcases the artists’ distinctive styles and undeniable chemistry. The Woodbridge, VA native is known for his edgy, relentless, and articulate vocal flow, which contrasts with Wiz Khalifa’s melodic yet energetic style, creating a diverse and captivating track. The instrumental stays true to contemporary trap while incorporating an old-school flair, and the song is filled with infectious rhythm, memorable hooks, hard-hitting 808s, and groove-infused piano hooks.

As a newcomer to the music scene, Mr.Reaper is inspired by the likes of Bone Thugs N’ Harmony, Twista, and Tech N9ne, using his pain and hardships to connect with listeners. His storytelling and empowering message aim to uplift people facing life’s challenges. “Options” serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of hip-hop, the magic of collaboration, and the power of genuine storytelling. With its bold statement of artistic intent, “Options” is poised to become a timeless addition to playlists worldwide, offering a breath of fresh air in the hip-hop scene.