Released on 1st February 2024, Man With A Corduroy Heart’s newest single is the perfect example of the artist’s unique approach to storytelling through music. Being the fourth single of UK-based singer-songwriter, Caravans is unique, thanks to its lo-fi blues-folk sound, leaving the listener’s imagination captivated.

The decision to record on cassette tapes provides an authentic, rough edge that makes the song even more nostalgic. “Caravans” deals with the touching issue of drifting away from old friends, symbolized by a story concerning an attempt to escape from a stag weekend. This middle-aged coming-of-age tale is quite touching and is expressed in a combination of lyrical and rich, atmospheric soundscape. Man With A Corduroy Heart never fails to amaze with the way he mixes unusual sounds with very personal stories, and “Caravans” is a must for all music storytelling fans.