This is a brilliant entry onto the music scene by Kete Bowers, who hails from the Liverpool suburb of Birkenhead, Merseyside. One of his latest creations, this track is recorded at his home studio. Kete Bowers’ harmonization with this art can be felt. With its rich, soulful vocals and haunting melody which rivals hand-thrown clouds, it’s no surprise that it became an instant classic. “Holy Night” is an auditory journey that does not fail to produce a frisson every time you hear it.

In every note of this song, Kete displays his talent for infusing raw emotion into the music. The lyrics are very carefully formed, and the degree of introspection and storytelling is both interesting and absorbing. But every word has its weight, and hanging onto each five-verse is his voice with its unique timbre.

Another area where Kete demonstrates his talent is in the arrangement of “Holy Night”. His supple and detailed mix of instruments matches up wonderfully with his vocals, crafting an intimate yet vast sound field. This balance is hard to come by, but Bowers does it with seeming ease.

Besides the fact that the song is produced in a home studio, the production quality is quite good. This is a testimony to Bowers’ artistry and to his ability to produce professional quality music in a home environment.

It is much more than a song; it is an experience. It brings listeners into Kete Bowers’ world, showing us his soul. This song has set our expectations for a new album to a great height. Bowers’ evolving artistry. “Holy Night” is a compelling piece and one that listeners of all persuasions will appreciate.