Vava Quail’s debut album, “Beloved Ashes”, released on December 8, 2023, is a fascinating foray into the field of alternative music, mixing and matching Alt-Folk, Alt-Pop, Chamber Pop, and Singer-Songwriter. The album is an introspective journey through the human condition, expressed through a delicate but powerful blend of piano and vocals.

Our favorites are “A River I Know” and “Paris”, and each piece in “Beloved Ashes” is a trek into the artist’s soul, with Vava Quail’s captivating vocals leading you through a land of words and images. The first track “Sugar” sets the bar high, plunging the listener into a world where every note and every lyric is refined to strike the deepest chords of the listener’s heart.

What makes “Beloved Ashes” unique is its incorporation of all these stylistic elements without forsaking authenticity. combined with his amazing gift for the intricate stories that weave throughout his music, it truly is a sound like no other. The album is teeming with emotion. Each track is a different color of human experience–joy, love, sorrow, introspection.

The album is more than just a long song. It’s a full-throated expression of artistry. Vava Quail’s debut is a wonderfully bold and beautiful entry into the world of music.