Kelsie Kimberlin’s latest, “Vlad”, is a moving, compelling addition to her powerful trilogy dealing with the tragic war in Ukraine. This song, now with a lyric video that delves deeply into the consequences of the conflict, focusing on the actions of the war’s architect.

“Vlad” is distinguished by its depth of emotion and the way it communicates its message. Kelsie‘s singing is at once haunting and beautiful, reflecting the sorrow and strength of those affected by the war. The composition is expertly constructed, with moving lyrics and a melody that lingers long in the memory of the unhappy listener even after the song has ended.

When Kimberlin recently hosted a one-hour UK radio program, the importance of “Vlad” was even more emphasized. She was able to use this platform to talk about her music, and about her visit to Ukraine, giving more depth to her songs, including the formerly unreleased “Vlad.”

Kelsie Kimberlin’s “Vlad” is in fact more than a song. It is a narrative, a contribution to the discussion of the fate of present-day Ukraine. This strengthens Kelsie‘s position as a musician who not only creates music that is fun to listen to, but also provocative and to the point in today’s world.