Q: Hi! “Someone” marks your 5th single release. How do you feel this track represents your growth as artists since your first single?

A: We are growing and growing and growing, like a hungry plant….  Someone is maybe the most uplifting tune on the album, so releasing it at the starting of 2024 is a good idea as the world needs some positive vibes for 2024. 

Q: The song “Someone” encourages listeners to follow their own path in life. Can you share a personal experience where you had to listen to your inner voice and go your own way, especially in your musical career?

A: The best example for this is our decision to form “Bromsen”. Richard and I were very clear that we are still hungry for this adventure, so although our last times on stage have been already quite some time ago we’ve decided to broms up people’s life. We do not regret this decision and are looking forward to everything which is still up to come. 

Q: Luka Bloom’s journey and his album “Turf” have been cited as inspirations for “Someone.” What specific elements from Bloom’s work influenced the song, and how did you incorporate these into your indietronic style?

A: Turf is a masterpiece, so it is worth shouting this out to the world again J and not only to the (great) folk pop crowd. There is no concrete song on the album, but when hearing the album at least 10 times J you will hear the influence, especially in the singing. It was quite challenging to adapt this folky style into our indietronica sound, so we recorded the voice a few times, but we both love the result.   

Q: Richard mentioned that “Someone” is a song filled with positive energy. How do you hope this energy influences the listeners, and what message do you want them to take away from the song?

A: Be brave, be yourself. 

Q: “Brothers in Mind”, your upcoming debut album, includes “Someone” as part of its tracklist. How does this single fit within the overall theme and narrative of the album?

A: As mentioned it may be the most uplifting tune on the album, but more or less they are all uplifting, although nearly all of them have a melancholic side as well. When inserting the songs into Cyanite I get “energetic & uplifting” for basically every song J.

Q: Your previous single, “Read About It,” focused on tragic heroes. How was the transition from a somber theme to a more uplifting message in “Someone”?

A: That was not really difficult as we are carrying both sides, the somber one and the happy & uplifting side in our hearts & souls.

Q: You both come from different musical backgrounds. How do these diverse influences shape your songwriting and production process, particularly for a song like “Someone”?

A: Karlo: Richard added a great Prog-Rock solo to the song. That is sth. I could have never done, but I love it and Richard loves the folk pop vibes I brought into this piece via the voice. Our process works mostly without thinking, it is coming from somewhere else – the deep woods of Brominga.

Q: Berlin, your base of operations, often features in your music and themes. How does the city influence your sound, and are there specific aspects of Berlin that inspired parts of “Someone”?

A: Berlin is a big pot, full of great & crazy people. We are just another 2 guys coming from that city. We love the history of Berlin being a source of inspiration for musicians like David Bowie and Lou Reed – btw. that adventurous note is also included in Someone. 

Q: With the release of “Someone,” what do you envision for the future of Bromsen? Are there any new directions or musical experiments you’re eager to explore in your upcoming projects?

A: Karlo: Maybe the world of Italo Western – Ennio Morricone was so amazing and his music will continue to inspire millions! Anyway > Bromsen has just started – we expect much more to come in the near future.