Q: Hi! “I NEED A HOLIDAY” is an intriguing title for an EP. Can you share the story or inspiration behind choosing this name?

A: The title comes from our biggest release of 2023 “holiday.”. The song captured the vision of what we have been feeling of just needing a break/escape from the world. I think that is super relatable with everyone!

Q: Your single “holiday” was a foundational piece for this EP. What was the creative process like for this track, and how did it set the tone for the rest of the EP?

A: The song started with the simple synth sound and I added the bass behind that. From there we knew it had the potential to be such a hit. The lyrical content was the first time in our career that we really felt like we showcased our humorous side of Peyton and I. Writing the track with our good friend DeMarko really opened the door for a different side of RAGS AND RICHES.

Q: Your EP touches on the theme of burnout, a very relevant issue today. What personal experiences did you draw from to capture this sentiment in your music?

A: I know for myself(Tanner), I was working at a job that was super demanding of my time when we started writing for the EP. Overall, that was the breaking point for a new approach of lyricism for us.

Q: You mentioned that the project began with the advice to write songs that resonate even in their simplest form. How did this approach influence your songwriting and production process compared to previous works?

A: Normally we would start with a TON of production at first. 9 out of 10 songs in the beginning phases of RAGS AND RICHES were written from almost complete production. The songs on the EP however all started on acoustic or keys. That was really the major difference.

Q: You describe “I NEED A HOLIDAY” as an emotional journey. Could you elaborate on the range of emotions you aimed to evoke with this EP?

A: We touched on burnout, nostalgia, being broke, relationships, and love. All of these things are emotions or feelings we all have at least once a week, if not once a day. We really wanted these songs to come down to simple emotions we all feel.

Q: Your music vividly portrays cherished memories and nostalgia. Can you share a specific memory or experience that directly inspired a track on this EP?

A: Winter Lights is my story wrapped up the best we could. It talks about my obsessions with Star Wars, Legos, Play-Doh, Puzzles as a child and then talks about waiting out in the cold for a “K.O.L Show” at sixteen. I can vividly remember going to see Kings of Leon at sixteen years old with my best friend at the time. The song goes on and on until it gets to this heartcry bridge that is just wishing things could have been the same forever. I still feel that and connect to that on such a deep level.

Q: Creating an EP is no small feat. What were some of the biggest challenges you faced during the production, and how did you overcome them?

A: I think the hardest part is always narrowing down what songs are going onto the project. This one did come rather easy on that end, but that part hurts the most. ‘Cause there are always multiple songs that should have made it, but did not have the “it” factor.

Q: Love is a complex and multifaceted theme in your EP. How did you approach this theme differently in this project compared to your previous music?

A: This is really the first project we talked about love. We were so positive and dream focused that love took a backseat. The wildest song on the EP talking about love is “Smoothie”. I wrote that song about my wife and it just is such a unique track because everyone expected a ballad, but it wasn’t that AT ALL!

Q: You expressed a desire to see how your songs connect with your audience. What kind of connection or reaction are you hoping to see from your listeners?

A: We have received sooo much feedback so far. We honestly just love seeing if people capture what we really had in mind behind each line of the song. Some people understand what we are saying and others come at it from a totally different perspective. That is the thing that Peyton and I love most about putting out a new track.

Q: Now that “I NEED A HOLIDAY” is complete and out in the world, how do you feel about the final product? Also, what can your fans expect from Rags and Riches in the future?

A: We feel this is the best project of RAGS AND RICHES, so far. The EP has a ton of momentum and is growing by the day. With that said, we have a massive amount of new music coming in 2024 and couldn’t be more excited to show another side of the band soon!