Mortal Prophets’ “Sleeping In My Bed” EP is a brilliant showcase of John Beckmann’s evolving artistry, seamlessly blending the atmospheric, cinematic, and soulfully evocative. Released on March 15, 2024, this six-song collection takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through the depths of American songwriting. Beckmann’s vocal performance is a standout, particularly on the title track, where his voice, draped in sultry blues vamps and soaked with saxophone menace, captivates with incantatory fervor.

The EP’s opener, “Bury Them Deep,” sets the tone with its Morricone-esque dread, leading into tracks that span a gamut of emotions, from yearning to obsession, all while maintaining a gripping narrative thread. The ensemble of musicians, including Aoibheann Carey-Philpott’s backing vocals and Danny Flam’s saxophones, enriches the soundscape, creating layers of complexity and depth. “Sleeping In My Bed” is not just music; it’s an audial journey through a reimagined Tin Pan Alley, brought to life with all its beauty and bruises. Mortal Prophets, under Beckmann’s guidance, deliver an EP that resonates with the national psyche and the wounded human heart, making it a profound addition to contemporary American music.