“The Day I Was Supposed to Be Born” is the most recent 5-track EP by Nashville-based book NOT brooke that makes for a stunning and fulfilling listen. Following a dynamic year with the new alternative trio Baby Wave, book NOT brooke returns to her solo roots, offering an intimate showcase of her talent. This EP is a testament to her artistic evolution, building upon the compelling narrative style first glimpsed in her debut EP “Egoic Illusion.”

Throughout the EP’s 18 minutes and 34 seconds, book NOT brooke showcases an impressive level of depth and maturity in her songwriting and production. One track transitions smoothly into another, creating an experience reminiscent of a full-length EP. The quality of production is excellent and gives a shining finish to the passionate lyrics and soulful melodies of the artist.

“The Day I Was Supposed to Be Born” is not just another set of tracks, it is a trip to the artist’s soul, full of sincere feelings and profound thoughts. The EP connects with the audience at a personal level, making it a memorable and impactful addition to book NOT brooke’s discography. Though brief, this new release should grab the attention of anyone who appreciates well-constructed music, which is an excellent reflection of how book NOT brooke is developing as a solo artist.