Vanilla Franco – “Traction”

The debut album of Vanilla Franco, titled “Traction”, is living proof of the great creativity and persistence of Joey Quinn, the only force behind this project. Vanilla Franco was born from a funny incident that resulted in a gig by accident and has become a prominent name in the indie music world. “Traction” represents the British rock spirit, which has been treated by Quinn in his own way in every detail from writing, production, and even in the artwork.

With the support of BBC Introducing Suffolk, Radio Reverb, and global plays, Vanilla Franco has shown what it is made of. Both critics and fans laud the album’s real indie feel and Quinn’s talent to express difficult emotions through his music. “Traction” by Vanilla Franco is a hit in Bury St Edmunds and is making waves all over the world, paving the way for the upcoming EP “Walden.” This is one album that indie rock lovers should definitely check out, as it is a genuine and heartfelt take on the genre, with a twist.

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