A unique gem Unlike any other Christmas song, “Christmas Is The Right Time For Us” by Brian Berggoetz, featuring Alison Wahl. The perspective here is much different from the usual bright, jovial Christmas tunes. It is melancholy, yet equally heart-warming. When sung in duet style it adds a layer of intimacy and authenticity so that the imagery seems to tell the story and the listener becomes a participant. Also on this beautiful piece of music is a meaningful lead vocal from Alison Wahl. Not only enchanting, but Alison is also the co-writer, giving this ballad a special personal touch. Brian Berggoetz completes this with his even-toned voice and his own skillful guitar play, finding the perfect pitch for Wahl’s voice.

The music arrangement is another strong point, its luxuriant and rich keys and strings generating a warm, almost enfolding feeling. All of this was raised one stop further by Duncan Stitt’s sensitive keyboard lay and production. Meanwhile, Frank Filipo’s lead guitar meanders through the track, supplementing and complementing the rich texture.

The poem’s lyrical content, reflection, and elegance, add to the true beauty of the holiday season. The concept of living with Christmas’s warmth and closeness every day is something that most people can identify with, and so this song becomes a timeless listen, not just for the holidays. With an easy-listening music style suited to a broad audience, the full holiday cheer is sure to be a welcome addition to any Christmas playlist.