“Already Gone” by Julo is a moving and inspiring anthem that speaks to the heart. This pop-punk-inspired track brings together emotional depth and uplifting energy. What’s more, as a Brooklyn-based pop singer-songwriter & producer with many talents, Julo really demonstrates his excellent skills here. The song was first written as a somber piano ballad, but its metamorphosis into a rock song under the expert supervision of producer Dan Salazar is nothing short of miraculous.

The catchy melody catches you in the first moment, while an even deeper and more insightful set of lyrics explores themes surrounding self-esteem and having the courage to free oneself from abusive relationships. Every word that Julo utters has a raw, authentic ring to it. The song manages to achieve the right balance between vulnerability and strength, making it accessible to a global audience. Not just a song, but the journey of discovery and self-empowerment all wrapped up in one melody you’ll hum for eternity. A real diamond in the modern music world!