The Sleepy Haunts’s EP, “Bloom, vol. 1”, is an intense musical experience that hits home hard with its listeners and every time it was played at a small acoustic show half the audience found themselves in tears. For the sake of authenticity, this collection was produced by Aaron Cada, who worked with Beach Bunny. Cada himself noted that these tracks possess a special quality and are rather different from the normal run of artistic imitation in this world.

There are many different moods on the EP, from punchy and upbeat to pensive tracks that touch upon unspoken truths. This broad scope shows the band’s musical dexterity, and it also lets listeners relate to each song in several ways. Combining teen angst, fictional romanticism, and ‘happy hauntings’, the female-fronted band’s sound is both familiar and intriguing. It all hails from Seattle (WA), where this pair has been pumping out well-received tunes since 2014.

The band’s story of its formation adds further to the charm of the EP. A trio originally with Gillian, Noah, and Baylee, the group has now evolved following the departure of member Baylee and the addition of Sevastian. Josiah, a fan-turned band member, completes the lineup, bringing a fresh perspective to the group. This dynamic is reflected in the music, where each member’s influence and passion are palpable.

The Sleepy Haunts are able to construct music which is personal yet universal. Originality is achieved through the emotional response this EP garners, which makes it an important release that will have no issues leaving its mark on listeners.