Highland Kites’ new single “We Both Know It” from their most recent EP “human nature” is a gorgeous model of the band’s developing aesthetic.┬áThe lead singer, Marissa, takes her introspective songwriting further with this track and delivers a deeply personal and poignant narrative.┬ádelicate but also powerful Weaving through the melody, her voice leads listeners into a confession of personal shortcomings and how they affect others.

The instrumentation behind Marissa’s introspective lyrics is the perfect match for this song, combining melancholy guitar riffs with a sound percussion that accompanies the emotional course of the song. Production quality is top-notch, with everything from the melody to the lyrics elevated, but still managing to come out sounding like a unified whole.

What makes “We Both Know It” different is its rawness. Marissa doesn’t hold back in displaying her vulnerabilities, making the song accessible and effective emotionally. It is a courageous foray into the reaches of the human mind, offering us our own looking glass.