A mix of holiday cheer and imaginative musicality; the two-track EP, “GC Presents An Unplanned Christmas,” by Super Saiyan Jay is a joy. Each track of the EP carries the ethos of the EP–giving old holiday music a new breath of life–making it a big change in Christmas songs.

The first track, “Deck The Halls”, is an instant pick-me-up. It makes an ideal soundtrack for a lively party, urging the audience out of their seats to take to the dance floor and enjoy the birth of the new year. The tempo is brisk, and the rhythm catchy; the atmosphere is one of unrestrained festivity. This track shows off the musical magic of Super Saiyan Jay’s ability to take a classic carol and turn it into a modern dance hit, making it a must-have at any Christmas party.

The second track, “Wish List”, changes gear with a more traditional Christmas mood but with an original twist. The joy of giving and cherishing loved ones are captured in this heartfelt song, expressing the season. The lyrics are moving, the tune soothing, all combine to give you a warm, comfortable atmosphere to snuggle up by the fire. With this song, Super Saiyan Jay demonstrates his range, as he moves from a party anthem to a tender, heartfelt ballad.

“GC Presents an Unplanned Christmas” fits right onto anyone’s Christmas playlist. Actually, these two songs are not simply a selection of songs, it is a festive experience that represents the spirit of the season. It’s essential listening for anyone wishing to give a modern sheen to their holiday music collection.