Hey guys! Hayden here again, diving into the dazzling depths of Modern Guilt’s latest EP, “We’ll Always Have Vegas”. This gem, released on the 8th of March, is a rollercoaster of raw emotions, meticulously crafted by the talented Mikey Buckley. The tracks like “Talking To Myself” and “Joy Control” hit hard with their jagged, punchy sounds, while “I Want To Show You God” and “How To Buy Happiness” unfold into a lush, acoustic soundscape. It’s like they’ve packed an entire emotional spectrum into one brilliant EP, ending with the hauntingly beautiful “Gramophone Remedy”.

Absolutely can’t get enough of this one, folks. So, make sure you hit up their socials @modernguiltofficial to keep up with all the amazing stuff they’re doing. Modern Guilt is definitely a band you won’t want to miss out on.