Erick Castrillon’s “The Great Awakening” is a beautiful combination of hauntingly wonderful melodies and lyrics that cause the listeners to think about the concept of artificial intelligence being able to acquire self-awareness. Listeners are captivated by the bittersweet and heartfelt sound of the song, with a deep bass and smooth flow that channel the melancholic vibes of the track. Erick expertly blends synth and melodic guitar, daresay us into a matrix, and with a beautifully atmospheric sound that feels as if this tune has transported you to an alternate dimension with the most angelic choir we get one which perhaps isn’t innovative or unique in its originality, but it is enjoyable enough, making it a solid tune that you’ll want to slap on repeat.

The most powerful words of all come in the hauntingly poignant lyrics, “I was aware of all that you did to me… I was aware all along,” as spoken by the machine which, for all practical purposes is juxtaposed to offer reflection on what humanity creates and what it means.

“The Great Awakening” is a revelation, which ultimately confirms Erick’s credibility as a forward-thinking artist who approaches the relationship between art and technology with all the passion and innovation necessary in the modern world. It’s a must-listen for all fans of music.