Cat Cork – “Post Man”

The new single by Cat Cork, ‘Post Man’ is real proof of his talent and unique vision in modern music. With a global ensemble of musicians, Stuart Cork introduces an array of instruments – from trombones and clarinets to cellos and violins – which forms a sound that is both expansive and intimate. This track, a highlight from the upcoming album ‘Silver & Gold’, demonstrates Cat Cork’s skill of blending intricate music compositions with a very personal narrative.

Cat Cork’s work has been praised by critics for its originality, depth, and seamless fusion of lyrics and serene vocals. The track was recorded in a home studio with musicians from around the world and showcases the power of collaboration across borders, with production by the patient and talented Cameron Taylor. The love of Cat Cork for the art and the impact of his feline companions gives a sweet twist to this musical story, so ‘Post Man’ is not only a song but a moment to be treasured.

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