Thomas Charlie Pedersen, from his LP “Employees Must Wash Hands,” treats us to a vintage sonic journey through his single, “Yesterdays and Silly Ways.”

Right from the opening notes, this song immerses you in a weekend’s worth of feel-good vibes, cleverly condensed into a two-minute sonic excursion. Notably, Pedersen doesn’t waste a single moment of the track’s 131-second duration. Following a brisk introductory buildup, the vocals kick in, maintaining an unbroken momentum, save for a brief ‘horn’ interlude.

“Yesterdays and Silly Ways” is an instant auditory delight that will resonate with a wide spectrum of music enthusiasts. Drawing inspiration from legends like The Beatles, The Kinks, R.E.M., and beyond, Pedersen delivers a musical experience that caters to those with a taste for quality sound. With a skillful deployment of a diverse array of instruments, including guitar, bass, drums, piano, mellotron, and more, all underpinned by an infectious upbeat production, this track invites you to tap along on your desk (or steering wheel) to its delightful rhythm.