Oklahoma natives and lifelong companions, Mac Hanson (of Joshua & The Holy Rollers) and Eric Arndt (of Mason Prophet), have unleashed their latest creation, “What You Wanna Hear.” This track is a robust indie rock anthem that packs a punch reminiscent of the good old days. The song bursts to life with an enticing bass and guitar riff that instantly captivates, harkening back to the groove of The Meters’ classic, “Cissy Strut.” However, “What You Wanna Hear” charts its own distinct path.

At the core of this track are the drums, their beat laid-back yet unyielding, providing a solid, steady cadence that propels the song forward. The guitar work exudes classic rock ‘n’ roll vibes, boasting lively riffs and gritty tones that infuse the song with a refreshing and invigorating energy. Notably, there are intriguing and unconventional feedback sounds woven throughout, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the composition. These subtle additions enhance the song’s atmosphere without overpowering it.

The vocals on “What You Wanna Hear” possess a gritty yet soulful quality, akin to savoring a fine single malt whisky. The chorus, which emphasizes the importance of genuine friendships, is undeniably catchy, with the memorable line, “I’ll tell you what you wanna hear” – a gesture only true friends can offer.

In sum, “What You Wanna Hear” stands as a formidable indie rock offering characterized by its infectious hooks and stellar performances. It’s a track that undoubtedly merits a listen.