Today marks the third occasion that Nashville-based singer-songwriter Phillip LaRue graces our blog since January – an impressive and consistent presence, to say the least. At this point, we’ve become so familiar with his name that the mere sight of it in our submissions prompts us to open a blank document and embark on a review before even listening to the song. However, today, LaRue delivers a poignant tale of heartbreak through his latest release, “Amen.”

Departing from the familiar acoustic guitar, this indie folk composition unfolds with the gentle caress of piano keys, casting a melancholic and somber hue over the music. LaRue’s remarkable voice enters the scene with the poignant line: “I watched you fly away like a kite in the wind.” It’s worth noting that this song was crafted in honor of his grandmother’s struggle with dementia, and with that knowledge in mind, we strongly recommend keeping a tissue nearby. While the world is replete with songs about love found and lost, it’s a rare and heartfelt experience to hear an artist lay bare their soul in tribute to a grandparent. Remarkably, within the first fifteen seconds of “Amen,” LaRue manages to evoke tears and stir emotions in the listener.