Introducing Kalle Mattson and Andrew Sowka, the dynamic duo known as summersets, who grace our blog with “christian scientist,” a beautifully executed folk song oozing with vintage charm.

Sometimes, words alone can’t do justice to a musical gem like this. We implore you to bypass our commentary and head straight for the play button. “christian scientist” is a song that deftly captures the essence of Simon & Garfunkel, a feat that many artists have attempted but few have achieved. It’s precisely this essence that immediately piqued our interest in summersets.

The arrangement of “christian scientist” is intentionally minimalistic, initially featuring just the acoustic guitar and the intertwined vocals of Mattson and Sowka. While we typically avoid discussing songs with so few elements, the way their voices harmonize seamlessly from start to finish is nothing short of mesmerizing, capable of captivating even the most discerning audiophiles. This, my friends, is pure folk magic.

As the song progresses, following the first refrain, our ears are treated to delicate piano notes and a distant synth pad, with neither element vying for the spotlight. The gentle, melancholic mood of “christian scientist” remains undisturbed. It’s worth noting that this song is refreshingly free of autotune. In fact, aside from a touch of reverb, the production maintains a relatively dry sound, giving the impression that you’re right there with the duo as they deliver their heartfelt performance.