The talented Surinamese/Dutch singer-songwriter néomí has graced us with her latest offering, “Oh My Darling,” a song that grants you the permission to reminisce about certain aspects of past relationships, even as you’ve moved forward into new ones.

“Oh My Darling” is an unabashed folk song, kicking off your listening experience with the most delightful finger-plucked acoustic guitar performance. After a brief introduction, néomí’s vocals grace us with their presence, bearing a subtle resemblance to the stripped-back stylings of Maggie Rogers. Her delivery is beautifully heartfelt as she addresses not one but two former lovers. néomí’s vocals exude calm confidence, caressing each note with an intimate and flawless touch.

Around the forty-five-second mark in “Oh My Darling,” your ears are treated to the lush embrace of harmonies, as néomí skillfully introduces some well-placed “oooh’s.” This divine addition, often overlooked by many artists in softer numbers, proves to be a crucial element that can elevate a song to another level. These enchanting vocals are complemented by the inclusion of a horn, a rare and distinctive choice that harks back to the legacy of Bon Iver, who artfully incorporated it into nearly half the songs on “For Emma…,” now a hallmark of the genre.

As “Oh My Darling” progresses, it embarks on a steady crescendo, introducing additional elements such as a synth pad and piano. At the midpoint, the rhythm section joins the ensemble, providing a steady beat to guide the remainder of the song. Clocking in at just over four minutes, the gradual introduction of these instruments ensures that every listener’s interest remains engaged. When coupled with the superb vocals, this dynamic progression is why we are thrilled to share this song with you today.