Norway’s Benedikt is set to unveil their third album, titled “Why Are You Dreaming?,” on April 28th. While we eagerly await the album’s release, they’ve treated us to a tantalizing preview with their latest single, “Blood Moon.”

The song commences with the inviting strumming of an acoustic guitar, setting the stage with an apt and pleasing genre-appropriate tone. However, what truly captivated us from the outset of “Blood Moon” were the unmistakable Sufjan Stevens vibes, evident as soon as the vocals make their entrance. For the initial half-minute or so, the narrative grips every listener’s attention, telling a poignant tale of mourning someone who is still alive. As the track unfolds, additional layers are woven in, including subtle bass and soft percussion, along with a synth that conjures ghostly echoes of a lap steel. Coupled with ethereal backing vocals, these elements craft an immersive and cinematic experience for the listener.

Moving into the second verse, “Blood Moon” retains these additional instrumental layers, creating a sonically rich production that propels the song forward. The pulsating kick drum introduces a subtle sense of urgency in the background, while a piano gracefully strikes a chord at the onset of each bar. While our initial attraction to the song stemmed from its lyrical depth, “Blood Moon” stands as a superb example of indie folk craftsmanship, both in its performance and overall production. Although this marks our introduction to Benedikt’s music, we eagerly anticipate the release of the full album at the end of the month.