Space Nat – “PST”

Space Nat, a Los Angeles native and an honorary Nashville resident, has captured our hearts with her track “PST,” the closing gem from her debut album, “Who Cares What People Think!”

“PST” immediately strikes the right chords, kicking off with the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar that sets the emotional tone for this heartfelt ballad. While Space Nat acknowledges her inspiration from Phoebe Bridgers for this song, her vocals carve their own unique niche, resonating with us since the inception of our blog. Her voice carries traces of both Bridgers and Julien Baker, creating a sound reminiscent of boygenius, a perfect fit for our musical preferences.

Initially, the track maintains a minimalist approach, with just the guitar and vocals serenading the listener. However, around the fifty-second mark, the composition takes an unexpected turn as harmonious vocals swell through your headphones. A subtle synth emerges from the background, accompanied by the first signs of life from the lead guitar, almost like an emotional resurrection or awakening.

Through the lyrics, it becomes apparent that “PST” stands for “pre-school teacher,” unraveling the story of a romance that likely influenced the album’s title. Space Nat’s performance brims with emotion, guiding the song on a gradual and organic crescendo – just the way we prefer it. In the final third of the track, the rhythm section makes its entrance, adding a delightful layer to the listening experience, especially when juxtaposed with the song’s more intimate beginning. “PST” is a captivating journey from start to finish, leaving us thoroughly impressed with Space Nat’s musical prowess.