Shaela Miller’s newest album, “After The Masquerade,” demonstrates her amazing growth as an artist, seamlessly blending country roots with new-wave sensibilities. This ambitious project, launched on Neon Moon Records, is an engaging tour through a soundscape where pulsating synth bass meets the soft twang of Americana.

Every track, from the thoughtful “Of Roses” to the dance-inflected “Mourning Tonight,” highlights Shaela’s poignant storytelling and passionate vocals. The album’s highlight song, “In My Dreams”, is the best example of her talent for creating unforgettable, soul-tugging melodies that stay with you long after the music ends. A product of a strong vision and delivered with artistic finesse, “After The Masquerade” is a testament to Shaela’s development and her ability to break the boundaries of her genre. It is a complex, multi-layered experience that not only celebrates the music of her past but also defiantly asserts her place in the current musical world.