Bernard Hering – “Drive on, drive on”

Hailing from the Netherlands, Bernard Hering has enraptured our musical senses with the delightful embrace of analog recording. His latest offering, “Drive on, drive on,” unfolds as a marvelous, stripped-back performance captured live through the warm studio equipment of yesteryears.

There’s a distinct charm in recordings that exude authenticity, untouched by the digital artifacts of our modern age. “Drive on, drive on” is a rare gem that resonates with the warmth and sincerity of an intimate conversation with an old friend, featuring just an acoustic guitar and Hering’s heartfelt vocals to narrate its story. Throughout most of the track, this simplicity takes center stage, yet Hering generously welcomes Len van de Laak to embellish certain sections with soulful keys, particularly during the refrains.

This enchanting piece is part of Hering’s upcoming album, “Out of Thin Air,” scheduled for release in September. Each track on the album was meticulously recorded live, devoid of any post-production edits, resulting in one of the most genuine and unfiltered musical performances we’ve had the pleasure of encountering. To further immerse yourself in Hering’s musical world, we also recommend exploring his first single from the upcoming album, “Only a Broken Heart Away.” We eagerly anticipate the full album’s release and plan to savor every moment of it.