Chandra – “I’ll Be There”

Chandra’s newest pop-rock single, ‘I’ll Be There’, is proof of the remarkable talent and versatility of the Bristol-based artist. Dropped on Friday, 1st March, this track has all the ingredients to keep the listener engaged from the start, as its riff-heavy instrumentation melts into a feel-good melody that’s both infectious and incredibly poignant.

Chandra’s arresting vocals put the final cherry on top, flowing through the dynamic arrangement with grace and emotional depth. “I’ll Be There” is not just a song, but a vow of love wrapped in layers of immaculate production and musicality that scream Chandra’s talent. This single not only demonstrates Chandra’s development as an artist but also provides a standard for pop-rock music, making it a number-one hit for all seekers of real and inspiring songs.