Quinn Devlin’s latest single, “Lillian,” is a captivating indie folk gem that exudes a dreamy and carefree ambiance, enchanting listeners from the first note. The true star of the song, undoubtedly, is the lap steel, which weaves a melodic tapestry throughout the piece. I must admit, I have a soft spot for the lap steel!

The lap steel takes center stage, with the drums and acoustic guitar providing a steady, unobtrusive rhythm, while the piano adds subtle brightness in all the right places. Devlin’s vocals are delivered in a cool and unpolished tone that brims with charm and character, evoking comparisons to the likes of Neil Young.

The chorus sections of “Lillian” gain depth and dimension from the supporting vocals, imparting an almost live performance quality that enhances the song’s authenticity. The lyrics resonate with a genuine relatability, telling stories of everyday life, memories, and relationships. It’s a straightforward and relatable narrative of ordinary existence. Devlin’s emotive singing and the evocative lap steel guitar blend seamlessly with the lyrics, creating a poignant sense of nostalgia. This, in my opinion, is what truly sets this song apart and makes it exceptionally special.