It’s highly probable that you’ve already encountered Angus Powell’s music, even if unknowingly, as his songs have graced popular TV shows like Criminal Minds, Elementary, and Bones. However, if you’re just discovering Powell for the first time, you’re in for a captivating experience, courtesy of his latest track, “Black Water.” This song stands out as one of the most atmospheric indie folk compositions we’ve come across in recent memory.

“Black Water” commences with a profoundly raw acoustic guitar, so stripped back that it feels like an extension of the very tree from which the instrument was crafted. Powell’s vocals surge into the song like an unstoppable flood, his voice carving a path through the musical landscape laid out by the guitar. At this juncture, any listener can easily envision the track seamlessly integrated into the soundtrack of a summer blockbuster, serving as the backdrop to a villain’s origin story or accompanying an anti-hero grappling with trauma, poised for revenge. The mood is so palpable that it seems to coat the inner recesses of your mind as it seeps in through your ears.