During the height of the pandemic, the members of Pon Far found themselves exchanging musical ideas via email, a collaborative process that eventually yielded a collection of songs, including the track “Clean.”

This song gracefully commences with a captivating falsetto, accompanied by delicately played lo-fi percussion and the mellowness of guitar strums, exuding an enchanting and breezy atmosphere. Approximately twenty seconds in, the production takes flight, unveiling a steady rhythm courtesy of the drum kit and a robust, melodic bass line. The addition of more guitar enriches the song as it embarks on its joyful journey through the realm of indie-pop.

Synthesizers swirl serenely in the background, complementing the song’s sprightly rhythm. Vocal harmonies are thoughtfully sprinkled throughout, bestowing depth and providing auditory delights to engage the listener—an artful production technique that we wish more artists would embrace, especially in an era where additional vocals are just a click away.

Another noteworthy aspect often overlooked by artists is the power of dynamic variation, as demonstrated by the well-placed break in “Clean” around the 01:15 mark. Here, most of the musical elements recede to a mere pulse, allowing a subdued and vulnerable vocal to illuminate the path. Moments later, the track seamlessly transitions back to its full production, maintaining this vibrant energy until the song’s conclusion.