The new single of Matya, “Get Your Attention” is an electrifying alt-punk masterpiece that is a revitalizing slap in the face in today’s fast-paced digital disconnection. Matya is an echo of the innovative sounds of Bloc Party and the characteristic energy of Nina Hagen, and he creates a niche that is both rebellious and deeply relatable. Her vocal delivery is simply amazing, combining the ferocious intensity and melodic mastery that mesmerizes from the beginning to the end.

This song is not only an example of Matya’s amazing vocal range but also her talent for writing lyrics and melodies that resonate deeply with the listener. “Get Your Attention” is a perfect tune for the disconnected, a loud appeal to listen in a place that is too busy to hear. With production credits including industry heavyweights and a dedication to creating generational anthems, and Matya is surely setting the stage for an explosive year with this release.