Tally Spear – “Here Comes The Rain”

The new track by Tally Spear, “Here Comes The Rain”, is a fantastic display of her outstanding vocal talent and artistry. Recorded in Abbey Road Studios and a home studio in Limassol, Cyprus, the song is a touching journey of finding purpose in the face of life’s trials. Tally’s voice, full and emotional, gently bears the burden of the song’s contemplative lyrics, inviting the listener to join her on her journey.

The production suits her vocal performance like a glove, interweaving pop and rock elements that reflect her influences, like Carole King and Bob Dylan. This track is not only a testimony of Tally’s evolution as an artist, but also a vow of her dedication to putting out music that is both exposed and powerful. The song “Here Comes The Rain” is a clear sign that 2024 will be a defining year for Tally Spear, with music that evokes the human experience.

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