Laith, hailing from the USA, takes us on a delightful time-travel journey to the late 1960s with his track “79.” This song is a nostalgic treasure trove, brimming with retro layers, an infectious, bouncing rhythm, and electrifying rock ‘n’ roll guitar licks.

“79” kicks off with an electronic drumbeat, injecting a playful spirit into the composition and serving as its sole modern element. The song swiftly bursts into full bloom, with the piano and clavinet weaving a groovy melody that beckons you to sway along. The bass adds a warm, enveloping depth, while the guitar playfully fills the gaps in the arrangement with its spirited licks.

Listening to “79” is like stumbling upon a hidden gem from the heyday of the great but forgotten band Family. The track exudes energetic shuffles, and the vocals are imbued with character and an inviting quality that draws you in. The drum fills are equally playful and possess that unmistakable retro charm.

In Laith’s own words, the track encapsulates the essence of doing something wrong with unapologetic sincerity and a disregard for consequences. However, as one matures, the importance of facing the repercussions and taking responsibility for one’s actions becomes evident, adding depth and contemplation to this captivating musical journey.