Singer-songwriter Anthony Cubbage, also known as AGE of the BEAR, has recently unveiled his latest EP, “Waterfall,” and among the four captivating tracks, we are thrilled to highlight the charming folk-infused piece, “Rainy Days.”

The composition kicks off with a delightful interplay of various instruments riding atop a subtly lively rhythm. The persistent tap of the hi-hat propels the song forward, while the enchanting lap steel guitar pours its melodious essence into your ears, occasionally complemented by the skillful lead licks of an acoustic guitar. The mood is gently tinged with melancholy yet carries an undercurrent of hopefulness—an ideal soundtrack for your morning commute, especially on those days when raindrops dance on your windshield.

As Cubbage’s vocals grace the track, “Rainy Days” transforms into a comforting embrace, akin to sipping a warm cup of coffee while awaiting a break in the weather. His voice possesses a certain familiarity that defies immediate comparisons, adding to the song’s unique allure. The craftsmanship displayed in both the musical arrangement and vocal delivery is commendable—whenever Cubbage isn’t weaving his expressive storytelling through lyrics, the lap steel guitar seamlessly fills the spaces in the composition. There’s a sense of purpose in every musical element, leaving no room for wastefulness, and this meticulous attention to detail makes writing about this track an absolute pleasure.