The EP “THE SPEED OF DREAMING” by Love Ghost is a brilliant mix of styles, feelings, and international cooperation, which displays the artist’s versatility and imagination. The first track, “Be Not Afraid”, is a modern pop-punk anthem about the intensity of obsessive love, produced by Mexico’s Alex Pedrero and visually brought to life by a Latvian artist, iastitraia, in an AI music video. “ESPEJO”, a collaboration with El Santi, threads emo alt. rock accompanied by acoustic Spanish guitar, fusing Spanish and English lyrics into a cross-cultural musical conversation.

The song “LUNA AZUL” delves deeper into the emo-pop-rock genre but with a Spanish guitar influence, in collaboration with Mexican artists Helian and MONDE, showing a perfect harmony co-produced by BrunOG and Monde. Finally, there is “Wallflower”, which is a very sincere song that is an acoustic ballad that is flavored with modern synth elements and yet another creative AI music video by a Polish artist, Michal Toczek. All tracks on “THE SPEED OF DREAMING” are unique, and together they form an emotionally charged, innovative, and deeply humanistic journey.