For Gone Sugar Die, their recent single “Love Isn’t Real” is a sonic achievement that signals the maturation of the band.

It is a smooth and expressive song that immediately catches the listener’s attention. The vocals, sung with a swagger and flair add to its appeal. They thread themselves through the composition effortlessly, which is much to say about the band’s now fully developed style. The hazy, bright synth lines form a sort of dream-like backdrop that wraps the listener with its rich feeling. These are matched with cool, precise guitar picking that balances the mood without allowing the song to become too distant from everyone.

“Love Isn’t Real” serves as a prelude for their upcoming five-track EP, due out in January 2024, and definitely puts the pressure on. This is a song that reveals the talents of each contributing artist and highlights their extraordinary chemistry. Gone Sugar Die has produced a track that works on a variety of levels, artistically, emotionally, and conceptually. It’s a song that haunts your ears, one you want to listen to again and again until it opens up its heart. “Love Isn’t Real” is not just a song; it’s an experience, a journey through sound and emotion that leaves the listener eagerly anticipating what Gone Sugar Die will offer next.