“Heaven’s Online” by The Walking Who, is a demonstration of the remarkable ability that location holds to influence artistic expression. Recorded in the enigmatic depths of a medieval tunnel beneath Prague, this track is a vivid journey into a realm where the past and future collide. The setting of Studio Faust Records, with its vintage Eastern European recording technology, imbues the song with a unique texture that is both ancient and futuristic.

The song itself, apart from being an excellent example of indie rock, has a certain apocalyptic dream-like feel to it in which it is hard to discern between what is real and what is imaginary. It is nothing less than remarkable that The Walking Who could grasp the feel of Prague’s underground labyrinth and its ancient reach back into the 8th century. You hear the city, its atmosphere of mystery and industry permeating every note. It is as haunting as it is beautiful.

The fact is that The Walking Who’s choice to plunge himself into a foreign land rich in hundreds of years of history has been more than rewarding. This unique environment has given him a creativity that can be felt in the music of the song. “Heaven’s Online” is not just a song, but an extravagant dialogue with time and space in which history operates through the rhythms.

The track is both bold in design and varied in direction, evidence of The Walking Who’s vision as a creative artist who isn’t afraid to try things and experiment. The piece is bold and imaginative, with the listener journeying through levels of sound that are as diverse as they are fascinating. “Heaven’s Online” has not only produced a song; it is an auditory journey that resets the boundaries of Indie Rock and reveals The Walking Who’s true genius and creative vision.