Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions’ new single, “All That!”, is an electrifying ode to the magnetic Dr. Liz Dranow and her resilience and seductive danger that is perfectly captured in this harmonious fusion of rock and heartfelt story-telling. This song carefully threads the story of Dr. Liz’s unbreakable spirit, demonstrating the band’s distinct talent to convert intricate characters into captivating musical narratives.

With Gary Dranow’s fiery guitar riffs, Chris Zoupa’s perfect arrangements, and Jason Jones’ smooth production, “All That!” is an anthem for a woman who is the epitome of grace under pressure. The track is an example of the creativity of the band and their commitment to composing songs that touch the hearts of the listeners. It is not just a song, it is an adventure of a character that is completely unpredictable at every turn, therefore, it is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys music that tells a story with real emotion and complexity.