The Trusted’s new EP, ‘Lost Soul’, is an important breakthrough, combining post-punk force and emotional lyricism, made evident by the band’s progress since their school days. Their five-track EP is rooted in atmospheric pop and their ability to recognize catchy melodies is a clear indication of their dedication and skill. The Trusted, who are influenced by British rock powerhouses like Catfish and the Bottlemen and The 1975. All the tracks of ‘Lost Soul’ reflect the band’s recognizable style – a fusion of heartfelt storytelling and vibrant, energetic soundscapes.

However, the EP starts with a blast and immediately captures the listener with its irresistible beat and powerful vocals. The lyrics are inward-looking, reflecting on issues of identity and self-discovery, in tunes that stay with us even after the song is over. The result is a polished production that allows each element of the jangly guitars, pulsating drums, etc. to stand out on its own.

Overall, ‘Lost Soul’ is a must-listen for fans of the genre and a strong statement from a band that is quickly proving themselves to be one of the exciting new voices in modern rock.

Gig Announcement: The Trusted are thrilled to announce an electrifying headlining performance at The
Bedford in Balham, London, scheduled for February 1st, 2024. Featuring tracks from their latest EP, “Lost
Soul,” along with an exclusive preview of brand-new songs for 2024. In addition, the band will be performing
a selection of their most beloved fan favourites, ensuring a night filled with energy, emotion, and the unique
sound that only The Trusted can deliver. to secure your free tickets, visit The Bedford Event Page.