Gary Dranow and Manic Emotions’ new single is called “Digitize”. It combines the old-school energy of classic rock with modern soundscapes. This track is a thrilling prequel to their album Asterion, which will be released on December 9th, 2023. Through”Digitize”, we hear the band’s amazing facility for integrating a variety of musical influences into a single sonic whole.

With pulsating rhythms and layered instrumentation, the song grabs attention immediately. The electrical and acoustic guitars mesh sonorously, forming a thick tapestry behind the vocals. The electric bass and synthesizers add depth. At the same time, the drums hold back nothing in pushing the track forward with relentless energy.

Rock fans who are partial to Metallica, Audioslave, Oasis, and Train will find some elements of the familiar in “Digitize”, which has its own individual stamp. Each of the elements stands out, but the production quality of the track is also excellent. Its lyrical content is compelling, taking listeners on a passage through digital vistas.

In brief, “Digitize” isn’t just a song, it’s an event. But that’s a testament to the artistic journey of Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions, who have learned to keep pace with an ever-changing musical environment. This single not only leaves everyone looking forward to the album “Asterion”, it also reinforces the band’s place as a powerful force in rock music.