Stacey K’s Christmas Time is a sad, moving song that goes deep down inside you, especially now in the midst of such gloomy times. Written during the pandemic, it evokes the mixed feelings that people often have this time of year. Christmas Songs are usually pretty cheery, but Stacey K provides a rather more grown-up and realistic portrayal of Christmas that quite a few of us can relate to. It’s not always a jolly time for everyone.

Her stint as a healthcare worker during the pandemic endows the song with a rough realism. These scenes of families unable to support their beloved family members in their deaths by their sides are saddening indeed, testifying to a common global pain. Recalling the scene where Stacey K gives birth to this song at her piano, a song that stems from genuine feeling, her personal travails–driving home in floods of tears, turning the radio off to cut short attempts at obligatory cheerfulness–create a natural bridge between this song and those that have gone before.

‘Christmas Time’ begins with a minor chord, which reflects the melancholy and anxiety many people experience during the holiday season. These chords set the mood for a song where those who are depressed or grieving can have a place to go during the season of high spirits. It is a moving recollection of the varied activities that mark the holiday season.

The song’s beauty is in its sincerity and its ability to touch people’s hearts. It is a real rarity, though, dodging the grimmer aspects of the holiday season but not making light of them at all. So ‘Christmas Time’ becomes not just a song, but a companion for those who struggle to get through the holiday season. Stacey K has written a classic that will keep people comforted and understanding for many years to come in an otherwise light-hearted time of year.