Felton – “Goodnight Avenue”

Felton’s newest single, “Goodnight Avenue”, released on February 16th, 2024, is a perfect mix of instrumentals and vocal talent. The song starts with the captivating guitar work that is so masterful in handling both rhythm and melody, creating a very immersive soundscape.

The bassline is grooving and brings some intriguing depth, which is a perfect match to the poppy drum rhythm that gives the track an inescapable energy. Nevertheless, it is the powerful vocal topline, decorated with rich harmonies, that makes “Goodnight Avenue” unique. Felton’s emotional performance and the flawless combination of instrumental and vocal parts turn this song into not just a listen but an experience. A lively, catchy, and well-produced track, it’s an excellent representation of Felton’s artistry and should be included in the playlist of any music lover.