“Soft Spot” by Bunny Alex is a captivating trip into the core of young love, cocooned in the warm arms of bedroom pop. Bunny, a German-Filipino artist living in Liverpool, UK, has a very special style of sweet, soft, and dreamy sounds with a touch of nostalgia. With MUNA, Taylor Swift, and Anna of the North being named as her peers, Bunny’s music is adored by the fans of indie and electro-pop.

“Soft Spot” reveals her skill of creating descriptive and colorful lyrics that draw vivid pictures, supporting interesting stories of dreams, heartbreak, feelings, and youth. This track, the first of her 2024 releases and her most fragile work yet, is a testament to Bunny Alex’s remarkable talent in capturing the subtleties of young love. It is obvious that she has carefully written and co-produced “Soft Spot” to move the hearts of her listeners, making it an unforgettable part of her discography.