I’ve just wrapped my ears around Jocelyn Justice’s debut EP “Pity Party,” and folks, it’s a gem. Packed with emotion, the EP kicks off with “Sick Sad World” and “Space Cadet,” setting a tone that’s as real as it gets. “Splitting Atoms” quickly became my favorite for its catchy metaphor about self-worth and emotional autonomy. And “New Anxieties”, hits deep with its raw portrayal of evolving personal struggles. Jocelyn has crafted a piece that’s both a look back at hardships and a stride into new beginnings. This EP is truly a masterful blend of passion, pain, and resilience, making it a profound listen.

So, if you’re up for an emotional rollercoaster that ends in empowering resolutions, give “Pity Party” a spin. And don’t forget to follow Jocelyn on social media to catch all her future drops and updates, you won’t want to miss what she’s got coming next.