Hey! I just got a chance to dive into “Eyes Wide Open”, the debut album from German rapper Jeanna-Sis, and what a ride! Dropping April 19th, this album is a rollercoaster of emotions, charting territory from heartbreak to revenge with an energy that’s downright infectious. Each track, including the standout “Not Enough”, is paired with a great lyrics video that adds depth to the listening experience. Jeanna’s rap skills are on full display here, with fast flows and emotive anthems that are sure to have you hitting replay.

Now, if you’re into intense lyrical journeys and killer beats, you’ve got to check this album out. And don’t forget to hit up Jeanna-Sis on social media. Follow her journey on platforms like Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube to catch all her latest drops. You won’t want to miss what she comes up with next!