Brian Hingerty – “Storm”

“Storm” by Brian Hingerty is a tribute to the might of simplicity in music. This song is a story song with a minimalist production, that draws its influences from a rich tapestry of sources, from the storytelling prowess of folk and country legends like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell to the soul-stirring depths of blues icons such as B.B. King.

The folk-inspired improvisation adds a special touch, akin to Miles Davis’s originality and Wes Montgomery’s guitar virtuosity. The song “Storm” is extremely well written, with every note and lyric carefully placed, yet it has a live feel. The delicate introduction of overdubbed slide guitars adds depth to the track without overpowering it, proving Hingerty’s dedication to realism and feeling. This song is not only listened to but felt, thus, providing an experience that resounds with the heartbeats of its inspirations.