Hey music lovers, Hayden here! Today, I’m excited to share my thoughts on “Animal” by Every Thing The Light Touches. This debut single, masterfully penned by Danny Forde, is a heartwarming tale of self-expression and the profound love between a parent and their child. Recorded amidst the serene backdrop of the Swedish seaside, “Animal” invites listeners into a lush soundscape of artful folk music, brimming with soul-soothing vocal harmonies and intricate instrumentals.

The collaboration of talents like Linnéa Lundgren, Lau Noah, and Dylan Lynch under the expert mixing of Mike Cave, makes this track a must-hear. Each note and lyric in “Animal” encourages us all to embrace our true selves, echoing through the exquisitely crafted melody. If you’re moved by the power of heartfelt, beautifully rendered music, follow Every Thing The Light Touches on his social media channels and immerse yourself in his artistry. Let’s keep the spirit of genuine music thriving together!