Hayden here again! I’ve just had the pleasure of diving into Chloe Hawes’ debut album, “Remains/Reminders”, and it’s a stirring homage to the resilience and richness of queer experiences. With tracks that range from raw and reflective to buoyantly defiant, Hawes crafts a narrative that’s as deeply personal as it is universally resonant. The album’s lead single, “Bookends”, epitomizes this blend, presenting a punk-infused tribute to finding joy and community amidst societal challenges.

From navigating break-ups to celebrating queer love, this album doesn’t just capture moments—it seizes them with both hands and holds on tightly. For anyone who’s felt on the fringes, “Remains/Reminders” is a musical embrace, reminding us of the power of voice and the importance of standing firmly in one’s truth. It’s a definite must-listen, and I’m already looking forward to what Chloe Hawes does next. Truly, a vibrant and vital addition to any playlist.