Hey everyone, Hayden here! I recently had the pleasure of diving into von Krogh’s latest album, “Waves”, and let me tell you—it’s a refreshing surge of creativity and emotion that you won’t want to miss. Crafted in the renowned Greenroom Studios and masterfully mixed by the talented Bjarne Stensvik, each track on this album intricately weaves the highs and lows of life, embodying the band’s self-proclaimed bipolarity with sheer brilliance. Influences from icons like Radiohead and Pink Floyd echo through their sound, creating a rich tapestry of modern rock that resonates deeply.

The standout tracks—each telling a unique story of life’s ebbs and flows—are a testament to Elias von Krogh’s extraordinary vocal and songwriting prowess. I strongly encourage everyone to give “Waves” a listen. Dive into their profound melodies and let von Krogh’s artistry wash over you. And don’t forget to follow them on social media to catch all their latest updates and tour dates!